Daily Lessons for Teaching The Mother Tongue

Bill Bryson
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 The World's Language)


Chapter 1 The World's Language

The English language has a vocabulary that is significantly larger than other languages, allowing speakers to express ideas that are more precise. The objective of this lesson is to compare and contrast English with other languages.


Lead the class in a discussion about the English language and its relative complexity to other languages. Ask the students to think of words that express emotion and that may have more limited words in other languages? Select a few words such as "joyful" or " intelligent" and have the students think of synonyms for each. Then if possible have the students offer of words in foreign languages that mean the same thing. Compare the amount of words in the English language vs. the foreign language synonyms for the same thing. Come prepared with some examples.

Invite foreign language teachers to class to give expert examples...

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