The Mother Tongue Fun Activities

Bill Bryson
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The Business of English

Do some research to find out how the English language is incorporated into business practices and used in companies all over the world. Be sure to check for Fortune 500 companies who usually have global language initiatives in place.

Sign Language

Learn some basic sign language symbols and practice with your classmates. Incorporate into your life as appropriate.

Venerable Bede Society

Everyone should have a chance to be as learned as Venerable Bede--or at least dress like him. Come to class dressed in monk garb and see how the clothing makes you feel. Are you more insightful? More studious?

Vikings for a Day

Explore the Viking civilization by visiting a museum or coming to class dressed as your favorite Viking. Be creative but be careful with your horned helmets!

The Queen's English

Do a little research using audio or video files featuring the Queen of...

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