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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of drive does the MacArthur have?
(a) Speed Drive.
(b) Langston Drive.
(c) Light Drive.
(d) Alderson Drive.

2. What is the Motie who first spots the Empire ship doing when she sees the ship?
(a) Looking for new things to teach her class.
(b) Looking for scarce metal resources.
(c) Looking for new sources of food.
(d) Looking for other signs of water.

3. Sally first tries to communicate with the Motie by drawing what?
(a) Periodic Table of Elements.
(b) Scientific diagram.
(c) Linguistic diagram.
(d) Mathematical diagram.

4. What is the name given, by the humans, to the approaching Motie ship?
(a) Stone Beehive.
(b) Stone Mountain.
(c) Stone Rock.
(d) Stone Ship.

5. Which is the most likely Motie to have switched from female to male on the MacArthur?
(a) The smallest one.
(b) The largest one.
(c) The one who was last off the ship.
(d) The one who recently gave birth.

Short Answer Questions

1. The humans feel what emotion when they see that the Motie Whitbred brought to the ship is only interested in one thing?

2. Why is the crew of the the MacArthur overcrowded?

3. How long after the pod is brought aboard does it take until a mission is approved to The Mote?

4. What title does Sandra Fuller Bright hold?

5. Whitbred finds out that the Moties can predict when Murcheson's Eye will do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What has the assignment to bring the alien pod on board the MacArthur done for the crew?

2. What are Admiral Kutuzov's orders regarding the MacArthur?

3. What do the mummies from the asteroid display?

4. What do the Moties show the humans while they are on Mote Prime?

5. Why did the Motie Engineer bring the smaller Moties on the human ship?

6. How do the individuals on board the MacArthur demonstrate a class-system like the Motie Engineer?

7. What emotions does Rod feel when he learns the alien is dead inside the pod?

8. What is one ability of humans that confuses the Moties?

9. What words describe Rod Blaine in his first appearance in the book?

10. How are the scientists anthropomorphizing the Moties?

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