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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The story of the man trying to get the animal to sing makes Charlie realize just how _______ the humans really are.
(a) Alien.
(b) Strange.
(c) Weird.
(d) Desperate.

2. Jack was asked to do a study and projection of the Motie fleet potential based on what?
(a) Their technology.
(b) Their resources and population.
(c) Their population and history.
(d) Their space-worthiness.

3. Who is going to insist on a full war council before any decisions are made?
(a) Horvath.
(b) Rod.
(c) Kutuzov.
(d) Renner.

4. Humans exhibit a greater ability to do what than the Moties?
(a) Think without commands.
(b) Think rapidly.
(c) Think spontaneously.
(d) Think flexibly.

5. The Commission enlists Bury to help control what association and Motie related issues?
(a) Weapons Dealers Association.
(b) Rebellion Association.
(c) Traders Association.
(d) Scavengers Association.

6. How does Porter die?
(a) A bullet.
(b) Beheading.
(c) Suicide.
(d) A laser gun.

7. What status is the ship at during the funeral service for the midshipmen?
(a) Light jump-ready.
(b) Defensive-alert.
(c) Battle-ready.
(d) Intruder-alert.

8. Who wants to go back to the Moties and learn more about them after the Lenin leaves the area?
(a) Horvath.
(b) Shelly.
(c) Sally.
(d) Lucy.

9. Castle City has no weapons or what?
(a) Enforcers.
(b) Warriors.
(c) Bullies.
(d) Demons.

10. Where do the midshipmen crash their lifeboats?
(a) Into a lake.
(b) In the mountains.
(c) In a farming area.
(d) Into a building.

11. The Commission decides that before anything, the Moties must be given an opportunity to do what?
(a) Provide the truth.
(b) Surrender.
(c) Retreat to their home world.
(d) Destroy their space abilities.

12. On board the Lenin, Horace finds his drive to control his environment is what?
(a) Thwarted.
(b) Unwelcome.
(c) Gone.
(d) A hazard.

13. Sally and Rod are given what title by the Imperial government?
(a) Ambassadors.
(b) Commissioners.
(c) Viceroys.
(d) Senators.

14. What weapon do the men set to self-destruct on the MacArthur?
(a) Demolition equipment.
(b) The ships' defensive guns.
(c) Torpedoes.
(d) Hand guns.

15. Who decodes the message Rod is carrying?
(a) Kutuzov's commanding officer.
(b) The head of the Navy.
(c) Kutuzov's personal assistant.
(d) The head of the Senate.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Mediators teach the Blaine children to read what?

2. What describes the Moties language?

3. Who is perplexed by the meaning of gender mutation?

4. What has to be overloaded before the Lenin can destroy the MacArthur?

5. Who do Rod and Sally want to perform their wedding ceremony?

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