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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Meet Crazy Eddie: Chapter 32, Lenin | Part 3, Meet Crazy Eddie: Chapter 33, Planetfall.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Part 2, Chapter 19, what technique is used effectively for the first time?
(a) Humor.
(b) Sarcasm.
(c) Simile.
(d) Comparisons.

2. Every picture in the museum is of a Motie doing what?
(a) Talking with another Motie.
(b) Something specific.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Dancing.

3. A Master Motie is what color?
(a) Tan.
(b) Black.
(c) White.
(d) Grey.

4. What does Bury want to sell the little Moties for?
(a) Helpers.
(b) Equipment repair.
(c) Exotic pets.
(d) Servants.

5. Where does the Lenin go after the MacArthur is destroyed?
(a) Further into Motie space.
(b) Earth.
(c) Home.
(d) Brigit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the crew of the the MacArthur overcrowded?

2. Which is the most likely Motie to have switched from female to male on the MacArthur?

3. The thoughts of the female Motie who is the first to spot the Empire ships indicate that the Moties operate in what kind of system?

4. What is the name given, by the humans, to the approaching Motie ship?

5. What class is the Motie who first spots the Empire ship?

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