The Mote in God's Eye Character Descriptions

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Commander Roderick Blaine

This character is the third son of the Marquis of Crucis and seeks his future in the Navy.

Fyunch (Clicki)

This character is a role fulfilled by a class or group of aliens.

First Lieutenant Jack Cargill

This character is a junior office on board the MacArthur.

Engineer Jock (Sandy) Sinclair

This character is in the Navy, is from New Scotland, and can fix anything.

Admiral Richard George Plenkhanov

This character is in charge of the entire action to quell the rebellion on New Chicago.

Captain Bruno Cziller

This character is the commanding officer of the MacArthur at New Chicago.

Horace Bury

This character is the son of a well-to-do merchant on the planet of Levant.


This character is a valet and general manservant and skilled in more criminal ability such as thievery and assassination.

Sally Fowler

This character is the niece of the...

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