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Lesson 1 (from The Drones Club)


The Drones Club

The author of "The Most of P.G. Wodehouse," was a prolific writer of novels, short stories, and musical theatre. A great deal of his work focused on the upper-class of English society. This lesson discusses P.G. Wodehouse, the author of "The Most of P.G. Wodehouse."


1) Library Research: Have the students research the author, P.G. Wodehouse. Explore the other works he has written, as well as his background. Take a look at interviews and essays about Wodehouse and his works to gain information on his writing and where "The Most of P.G. Wodehouse" fits in with his other works.

2) Presentation: Have students get into pairs and prepare a presentation by using their research on P.G. Wodehouse and his canon. Have each group read an excerpt from different short stories or novels written by Wodehouse during their presentation...

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