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The Drones Club

• "Fate" centers around Freddie Widgeon.

• Freddie helps a woman with her luggage and is discovered in her flat by private detectives. The detectives think that Mr. Silvers, their client, owns the flat.

• Freddie tries to show Mavis how unappealing the woman is and accidentally ends up in the flat of the woman for whom the detectives had been hired.

• The detectives find Freddie sitting in Mrs. Silvers' lap. Freddie loses his fiancee.

• "Tried in the Furnace" features two characters in a comedy act, Barmy and Pongo.

• Barmy and Pongo fall for the same girl, Angelica Brisco.
• Barmy and Pongo both sneak away to Angelica's hometown, have a horrible time, and then learn she is already married.

• In "The Amazing Hat Mystery," Percy and Nelson buy hats in order to impress their dates.

• Percy's and Nelson's hats get switched. Their ill fitting hats disgust their dates...

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