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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What animals must Harry and Duke be wary of when they go to mine the gold?
(a) Bats.
(b) Vipers.
(c) Coyotes.
(d) Rattlesnakes.

2. How does Madge choose horses to bet on in "The Beginner?"
(a) She flips a coin.
(b) She sits down next to an old gambler and has him pick for her.
(c) She picks the ones whose names she likes.
(d) She picks the best-looking horses.

3. Where do Lincoln and Andrew claim to have driven from in order to gain entrance to Vasquez's house?
(a) Missouri.
(b) Ohio.
(c) Nebraska.
(d) Kansas.

4. What does not appear to be one of Tony and Billy's concerns when they steal the corpse?
(a) Rigor mortis.
(b) Legality.
(c) Morality.
(d) Stench.

5. Why does Talbot choose to not sleep with the prostitute?
(a) He thinks the girl is too young.
(b) He is afraid that she will be too tired after being with the other two men.
(c) He loses his desire after Herb describes what he did to her.
(d) He grows fearful of catching a disease.

Short Answer Questions

1. What business does Marie in "A Lovely Love Affair" run?

2. What does Tony claim about himself and the corpse?

3. According to Bukowski, he is twenty-nine years old in "My Big-Assed Mother," but looks what age?

4. What language is expressly forbidden around Hitler-as-the-President in "Swastika?"

5. Where does Blanchard corner the girl and her two friends?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Madge first take Bukowski to Hollywood Park?

2. What are the logistics of Harry's plan to recover the gold from the artillery range?

3. Describe the ironic encounter between Mason and the waiter at the end of "All the Great Writers."

4. What leads up to Bukowski never seeing Jeff again in "A Drinking Partner?"

5. Who is Ginny?

6. What is significant about Andrew's conversation with his girlfriend?

7. How and why does Vasquez extend his hospitality to Lincoln and Andrew?

8. Describe Tito and Baby.

9. What is significant about the U.S.S. Pueblo?

10. Describe Herb and Talbot's relationship.

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