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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Russell say she has to walk hunched over in the rain?

2. What does Holmes say the military have learned about "the next war?"

3. Where is the cat asleep in the early part of chapter nine?

4. What does Russell note about Mr. Ketteridge's accent?

5. What makes Holmes believe they're close to a farmhouse when they're caught in the thick fog?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Holmes describe the people of the moor?

2. Why does a young man who relates Johnny Trelawny's sighting of the coach say Johnny left the moor and what does Russell believe to be the real reason Johnny left?

3. Describe the first meeting between Holmes and Pethering?

4. Briefly describe the church Russell finds on the property.

5. What are some of the details Cleave offers up about Josiah Gorton and about their last conversation?

6. As Holmes and Russell are making their way back to Lew Trenchard after their first foray onto the moor, how does Russell say about her physical state as compared to Holmes? Does she say this is typical?

7. What does Holmes search for when he reaches the spot Baring-Gould marked as the last place Lady Howard's coach has been seen and why does he fail to find it?

8. How does Russell know Holmes is not happy about the evening at Ketteridge's house and what does Holmes say is the source of that irritation?

9. List at least three of the events Holmes and Russell list as they compile clues about the case so far.

10. What is the legend of Lady Howard's coach?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Russell and Holmes discover that people on the moor are very helpful in their willingness to relate any scrap of information about Lady Howard's coach and the hound. Which pieces of information are presented by people on the moor and which are pertinent to the solving of the mystery? Why are the people so anxious to tell their stories? Why is there one family that are not willing to tell their story? What does this say about the people of the moor? Is it reasonable and realistic?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the use of telegrams over the course of the book. Include the information that arrives to and from Russell and Holmes in the story and the use of the technology during this time period overall.

Essay Topic 3

What is Russell's impressions of Baring-Gould? What seem to be his impressions of her? Why are the two at odds? What happens to change their relationship?

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