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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to make Holmes and Russell change their minds about which night they should go onto the moor to try to catch Ketteridge and Schiemann salting the gold?
(a) The military tanks pull in
(b) They don't change their minds
(c) The telegram gives them new information
(d) A thunderstorm arrives

2. What does Mrs. Elliott provide for Russell to drink when she returns to the house?
(a) Brandy
(b) Hot milk
(c) Coffee
(d) Tea and whiskey

3. What does the telegram from New York say about the previous actions of one of the men Holmes required about?
(a) That he had killed his wife
(b) That he was headmaster of a school
(c) That he was a gold miner
(d) That he was suspected of a real estate scam

4. Who drags Pethering's body from the water onto the shore?
(a) Budd
(b) The constable
(c) Holmes
(d) Several bystanders

5. What is the toast Ketteridge proposes when Russell joins him?
(a) To gold
(b) To change
(c) To friends
(d) To wealth

Short Answer Questions

1. When the young family arrives at Lew Trenchard looking for a place to stay, who is it that offers them a house for a week?

2. Who is Mycroft?

3. How many of the people at the inn at the beginning of chapter eleven know who Russell is?

4. How many miles does Russell have to cover in order to reach the inn at Tavistock?

5. What's in the trunk of the car on the day Holmes and Russell take Baring-Gould onto the moor one last time?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Inspector Fyfe say about Pethering's body?

2. What does Russell say about the people she questions about the coach and the hound and their reliability?

3. Describe the conversation between Russell and Ketteridge about the tors.

4. What is the story Elizabeth Chase tells about young Samuel?

5. Describe Ketteridge's mood when Russell goes downstairs after her bath and what does Russell note about his appearance?

6. How does Russell find her way to Elizabeth Chase's house?

7. Why does Ketteridge ask about Russell's knowledge of the sightings of the hounds and Lady Howard's coach? What does Russell respond?

8. Describe the moment in which Russell's attitude about the moor changes?

9. What happens when Red shies soon after leaving Elizabeth Chase's house?

10. What does Russell say about the two speeds Red has and what she believes to be her options other than accepting this?

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