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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Russell say the conversation revolves around as she's leaving the room?
(a) Josiah Gorton's death
(b) The various stories of the hound
(c) Cricket
(d) Lady Howard's coach

2. What is the herd of animals Holmes and Russell meet on the way to Mary Tavy?
(a) Goats
(b) Sheep
(c) Cattle
(d) Ponies

3. Where does Holmes drop his hat and gloves?
(a) On a table
(b) On the bed
(c) On the sofa
(d) In a chair

4. What are the Dartmoor Stables?
(a) The unnamed inns that dot the moor
(b) Small pens where wild horses feed and can be caught
(c) Large barns where horses are housed
(d) Bogs that can such a person under

5. How does Ketteridge say he powers the lights at his home?
(a) Water turbines and batteries
(b) Generators and batteries
(c) An electric line from town
(d) Wind turbines and batteries

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Russell wear down to breakfast?

2. What does Russell note about Mr. Ketteridge's accent?

3. What is the secondary case Holmes is supposed to be working while he's in Dartmoor?

4. How does Holmes propose to find the names of the couple who'd seen the coach from Gibbett Hill?

5. What is at the top of Gibbett Hill?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe the church Russell finds on the property.

2. What are some of the details David Sheimann tells about the true curse of the Baskervilles?

3. Who are the three people at Baring-Gould's house when Holmes and Russell return and what is Russell's opinion of them?

4. What does Holmes say about Baring-Gould's attitudes toward superstition and why does this make Russell question the foundation of their friendship?

5. What are some of the details Ketteridge reveals about his life prior to his arrival in Dartmoor?

6. What is the legend of Lady Howard's coach?

7. What does Holmes search for when he reaches the spot Baring-Gould marked as the last place Lady Howard's coach has been seen and why does he fail to find it?

8. What are some of the details Cleave offers up about Josiah Gorton and about their last conversation?

9. What does Ketteridge say he does with his time and what does Russell realize this means about his fascination with Baskerville Hall?

10. How do Russell and Holmes find the shelter where they eat their lunch during the first trek onto the moor?

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