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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Holmes propose to find the names of the couple who'd seen the coach from Gibbett Hill?
(a) Check with guest registries from the local inns
(b) He'll ask at the train station
(c) He'll call the police
(d) He'll ask at a farm in the area

2. How long does Baring-Gould say he's been on the moor?
(a) Fourteen years
(b) Forty years
(c) Seventy years
(d) Ninety years

3. What is the scene on the picture Russell stops to consider?
(a) A stream
(b) A cabin
(c) A fox hunt
(d) A beautiful woman

4. What does Holmes give Westaway before leaving him?
(a) Informaiton about how to disprove the legend of the hound
(b) A phone number so he can call if he sees the hound again
(c) A coin and some advice about women
(d) A pat on the shoulder

5. What does the telegram from Holmes indicate that Russell is supposed to bring with her to Devonshire?
(a) A compass
(b) Boots for walking the moor
(c) Paper and pens to record their activities
(d) A copy of "The Hounds of Baskerville"

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the cat asleep in the early part of chapter nine?

2. Where is the young couple from that swore they'd seen Lady Howard's coach from Gibbett Hill?

3. What is Jacob Drew's occupation?

4. What does Russell wear down to breakfast?

5. What does Holmes say the military have learned about "the next war?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Holmes and Russell talk about while they eat their lunch at the shepherds hut and why is the conversation humorous?

2. What are some of the details Cleave offers up about Josiah Gorton and about their last conversation?

3. What does Holmes search for when he reaches the spot Baring-Gould marked as the last place Lady Howard's coach has been seen and why does he fail to find it?

4. What is the legend of Lady Howard's coach?

5. What are some of the details Ketteridge reveals about his life prior to his arrival in Dartmoor?

6. Describe Russell's state when she arrives at Lew House and the reactions of Holmes and Baring-Gould to her appearance and attitude.

7. What is the role of the hound in the legend of Lady Howard's coach?

8. How does Holmes describe the people of the moor?

9. Why does a young man who relates Johnny Trelawny's sighting of the coach say Johnny left the moor and what does Russell believe to be the real reason Johnny left?

10. List at least three of the events Holmes and Russell list as they compile clues about the case so far.

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