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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Russell spend the afternoon near the end of chapter nine?
(a) In her room
(b) In the churchyard
(c) In the study
(d) On the moor

2. Who is the saint to whom Brentor Church is dedicated?
(a) Saint Sabine
(b) Saint Peter
(c) Saint Michael
(d) Saint Christopher

3. Where did Josiah Gorton spend the afternoon before his death?
(a) At the home of a friend
(b) At an inn
(c) At the home of Baring-Gould
(d) In a tin mine

4. Where does Baring-Gould say he's heard the song about the ghostly carriage?
(a) He made it up
(b) His mother
(c) The young couple
(d) His childhood nurse

5. What are Baring-Gould and Holmes doing when Russell arrives downstairs in chapter three?
(a) They're outside, listening
(b) Drinking coffee
(c) Looking at a map
(d) Eating

Short Answer Questions

1. How many horses does Westaway say he actually saw?

2. How does Holmes propose to find the names of the couple who'd seen the coach from Gibbett Hill?

3. What does Russell say she's reminded of when she looks at the height of Dartmoor?

4. What is the talent Holmes says Russell has kept hidden from him?

5. What does David Schiemann say the hound is searching for?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Cleave doing when Holmes and Russell arrive at his house and what does he ask of Holmes and Russell before taking them inside for tea?

2. What is the role of the hound in the legend of Lady Howard's coach?

3. What are some of the physical aspects of the moor that Holmes describes to Russell after Baring-Gould goes to bed?

4. List at least three of the events Holmes and Russell list as they compile clues about the case so far.

5. What does Holmes say about Baring-Gould's attitudes toward superstition and why does this make Russell question the foundation of their friendship?

6. What are some of the things Holmes learns in the inn on the night when Russell plays the tin whistle?

7. How does Holmes describe the people of the moor?

8. What is Pethering's purpose for wanting to see Baring-Gould?

9. What are some of the sounds reported by those who sighted the coach and hound, according to Baring-Gould?

10. How does Russell know Holmes is not happy about the evening at Ketteridge's house and what does Holmes say is the source of that irritation?

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