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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Russell ask from the maid who is just outside the bathroom?
(a) A warm towel
(b) Soap
(c) A glass of hot milk
(d) A robe

2. What is Baring-Gould drinking when Russell joins him downstairs the morning after her return from Ketteridge's house in chapter fifteen?
(a) Milk
(b) Juice
(c) Tea
(d) Coffee

3. What does Baring-Gould say he's reading when Russell joins him the morning after her return from Ketteridge's house?
(a) A draft of his memoirs
(b) A history of the moor
(c) Nothing
(d) The Bible

4. What does Holmes say was Ketteridge's fate?
(a) He was shot
(b) He was eaten by greed
(c) The moor took him
(d) He was blown up by the charges

5. What was the original purpose of the Princetown Prison?
(a) To house prisoners during the Napoleonic War
(b) To house the insane around 1800
(c) To house widows during the famine
(d) To house orphans during World War I

6. Who drives Russell back to Lew Trenchard?
(a) Baring-Gould's driver
(b) Ketteridge
(c) Schiemann
(d) Ketteridge's hired driver

7. What is the nationality of Ketteridge's cook?
(a) French
(b) Italian
(c) English
(d) Amiercan

8. Who drags Pethering's body from the water onto the shore?
(a) The constable
(b) Holmes
(c) Several bystanders
(d) Budd

9. Where does Russell decide to take the injured horse?
(a) A nearby farm
(b) Elizabeth Chase's house
(c) Lew Trenchard
(d) Baskerville Hall

10. What does Baring-Gould say he'd dreamed of?
(a) Drowning in a flooded quarry
(b) Being caught in a storm on the moor
(c) Being married to his childhood sweetheart
(d) Being a child by the seashore

11. What does Samuel Taylor say about the new owners of his farm?
(a) That he hopes they die
(b) That he hopes they'll sell it to him
(c) That he hopes they enjoy it
(d) That he hopes they paid dearly for it

12. Which of the following items does Russell say she's afraid someone will ask her to take along?
(a) A letter of introduction
(b) A butterfly net
(c) A quarter in case she needs to make a phone call
(d) An extra map

13. What is Pethering's real name, according to a telegram that arrives just as Holmes and Russell are setting down to dinner?
(a) Randolph Parker
(b) Peter Richards
(c) Richard Pritchard
(d) Ricardo Pethering

14. What was Baring-Gould's mother's name?
(a) Matilda
(b) Sophia
(c) Grace
(d) Elizabeth

15. What's in the trunk of the car on the day Holmes and Russell take Baring-Gould onto the moor one last time?
(a) Blankets and cushions
(b) Nothing
(c) A picnic lunch
(d) Books

Short Answer Questions

1. How many stories of sightings of the coach does Russell hear during the day of questioning in chapter eleven?

2. What does Baring-Gould say is his relationship to Holmes?

3. According to the reference to gold in Baring-Gould's book, where was the gold-washing apparatus found on the moor?

4. What is Russell thinking of when she's thrown from her horse and begins to cry?

5. What is Tiggy?

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