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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4 through 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How often does Henry Cleave say Josiah Gorton had offered to buy him a drink?
(a) Only when he'd found a wealthy strike of tin
(b) Never
(c) Only when he'd found gold
(d) Every time they met

2. What does Holmes give Westaway before leaving him?
(a) Informaiton about how to disprove the legend of the hound
(b) A coin and some advice about women
(c) A phone number so he can call if he sees the hound again
(d) A pat on the shoulder

3. What is the first thing Holmes does when he and Russell go inside the Drake farmhouse?
(a) Asks for tea
(b) Puts wood on the smouldering fire
(c) They don't go inside
(d) Asks if Drake killed Josiah Gorton

4. What do Holmes and Russell have to eat when they stop at the public house in chapter three?
(a) Sandwiches
(b) Turtle soup and boiled cabbage
(c) Bread and cheese
(d) Leek soup and game pie

5. What does the older lady at the farmhouse call Holmes?
(a) Snoop Sherlock
(b) Mister
(c) Sir
(d) Master

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Russell say she has to walk hunched over in the rain?

2. What is Holmes eating when Russell joins him in the Inn at Two Bridges in chapter six?

3. What does Russell wear down to breakfast?

4. What happens that makes it difficult for Holmes to be sure they're on the exact spot where Lady Howard's coach was seen?

5. Who does Russell say joins her and Holmes for tea when they return to the manor?

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