Objects & Places from The Moor: A Mary Russell Novel

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Where Holmes tells Russell she's to come by train.

A Compass

The only item Holmes initially tells Russell to bring with her to Devonshire.

Lew House

The name of the home where Baring-Gould lives.

Lady Howard's Coach

Reportedly made of the bones of her dead husbands.


Where Holmes and Russell stop for a brief rest during their first trip onto the moor.

Snoop Sherlock

How many of the people on the moor refer to Holmes.

Two Bridges

Where Holmes and Russell spend a night at an inn and drink a great deal. It's also where Holmes discovers that Russell can play the tin whistle.

Baskerville Hall

The house where Ketteridge lives.

Lew Trenchard Church

Where Holmes and Russell are when Holmes confirms that Baring-Gould is dying and probably won't live more than a few more months.

Wheal Betsy

Where Russell meets Elizabeth Chase.


The name...

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