The Moor: A Mary Russell Novel Character Descriptions

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Mary Russell

Wife of Sherlock Holmes, she is a writer, scholar and works with Holmes on mystery cases.

Sherlock Holmes

A renowned sleuth.

Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould

Holmes' godfather.

Randolph Pethering

He is killed by Ketteridge.

Richard Ketteridge

Owner of Baskerville Hall when Russell arrives on the moor.

David Scheimann

A con artist who is passing himself off as Ketteridge's secretary.

Josiah Gorton

A tin miner, he was found on the moor under suspicious circumstances and died a short time after being discovered.

Harry Cleave

The man who sees Josiah Gorton as he's headed onto the moor.

Lady Howard

A woman who was noble by birth and who reportedly lost several husbands to strange deaths.

Elizabeth Chase

The woman who tells Russell about the sighting of the hound and the broken leg of the hedgehog.

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