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Essay Topic 1

Why does the novel have so many different narratives? How does the author arrange the narratives to create mystery and suspense?

Essay Topic 2

In what way is memory an important theme in the novel? Why is memory and the recalling of memory such an important part of solving a crime? How do the police in the novel use memory to uncover who stole the Moonstone?

Essay Topic 3

How does Lady Verinder's death effect the case? What would have happened if Lady Verinder had not died?

Essay Topic 4

Examine Cuff as a fictional detective.

1. What are Cuff's strengths and weaknesses as a detective?

2. How influential has Cuff's character been on popular culture?

Essay Topic 5

What does the novel say about British society in terms of the following.

1. Class.

2. Gender.

3. Race.

Essay Topic 6

What is Godfrey's motivation to steal the diamond? What mistakes do you think made that...

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