The Moonstone Character Descriptions

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Lady Rachel Verinder

She us an independent woman with a mind of her own. Her behavior changes after the diamond is missing and her mother takes her to London for medical treatment.

Gabriel Betteredge

In 1847, he became the house steward. He helps Sergeant Cuff in the investigation of the missing diamond. When Franklin returns to the country estate, he helps them re-create the night of the birthday when the diamond was stolen.

John Herncastle

He is treated as an outcast when he returned to England because of the Diamond. Upon his death, the diamond was bequeathed to Rachel Verinder.

Sergeant Cuff

He accuses Rachel of hiding the diamond and is eventually dismissed by Lady Verinder. He predicts three events to Betteredge, all of which come true within a week of his departure.

Mr. Franklin Blake

He was educated in Germany, France and Italy. He later discovers that he...

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