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Prologue and First Period, pgs. 33-77

• It is 1848 and a diamond called the Moonstone has been stolen from Lady Verinder's Yorkshire home.

• Betteredge begins narrating his version of events. He says the diamond was originally brought to the house by Franklin Blake. Three days before Franklin arrived with the diamond, three Indians appeared outside the house, stating they were looking Franklin and something they referred to as "it".
• Later that evening, Franklin shows the diamond to Betteredge. He tells him the diamond belongs to Lady Rachel and he has been assigned with the task of delivering it to her.

• Franklin tells Betteredge he is worried about conspiracy surrounding the diamond, claiming someone has been following him ever since he left London.

First Period, pgs. 78-131

• In the weeks before Rachel's birthday, Franklin spends time with Rachel, and a servant called Rosanna falls ill enough to have to see...

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