The Moon Is Down Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Lanser request his meeting with the Mayor?

To get his needed meeting with the Mayor, Lanser sends a courier with a message requesting a meeting with the Mayor.

2. What does Lanser beg the Mayor to do when he first invades the town and why?

During their first meeting after the town was invaded, Colonel Lanser beggs Mayor Orden to help him keep peace and order in the town so that they can avoid any further bloodshed.

3. What does Annie do when she gets mad at some soldiers?

When Annie gets upset about the soldiers making eyes at her in an inappropriate manner, she reacts by throwing boiling water on them and going to their leader to explain the situation.

4. What does Dr. Winter say the townspeople will do after the invasion, and why does he think this?

Dr. Winter states that he does not think the townspeople will simply lie down and allow the invasion to happen. He is certain that they will find a way to fight back even if it means death. He thinks this because he is a historian and has read over the past history of the town.

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