The Moon Is Down Character Descriptions

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Mayor Orden - This character is a highly-principled person who will not let go of his values and beliefs when the town he is leader of is invaded.

Colonel Lanser - This character is the commander of the invading soldiers and is a sympathetic, good man who is in a challenging and difficult position.

Mr. Corell - This character is a popular storekeeper in the town at the beginning of the book.

Dr. Winter - This character is a wise old historian in the town.

Alexander Morden - This character is a mine worker in town who is executed for murder.

Molly Morden - This character is lonely and bitter over her husband's execution.

Lieutenant Tonder - This character is an officer, a dreamer and poet who becomes smitten with the widow of an executed man.

Madame - This character is concerned with protocol and wonders if...

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