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Chapter 1

• Correll, the storekeeper, gives 12 soldiers some ammunition to use for target practice.

• German soldiers invade the town while they are away, and kills 6 of them when they run back into town.
• Lanser politely requests an audience with the Mayor. It is revealed that Correll was the liaison that allowed the invasion to take place.

• Joseph, the servant, is worried about the furniture being moved. Madame is worried about proper protocol.
• Lanser says he wants order as he hates bloodshed. The Mayor says he will do what the people want.

• Dr. Winter, a historian, says that he is sure the people will fight back as that is what they have done in past similar experiences.
• Annie, a cook, gets offended when soldiers leer at her, and she throws boiling water on the men. Lanser does not punish her.

Chapter 2

• The officers take rooms on the upper level in...

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