The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Character Descriptions

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Manuel (Mannie) Garcia O'Kelly-Davis

This character has been to Terra twice for training and hates the planet, particularly North America because of its false pretense of equality.

Wyoming (Wyoh) Knott-Davis

This character is a political agitator from Hong Kong in Luna Colony.


This character is an augmented computer tasked for the last three years with controlling various technical aspects critical to life on the moon.

Professor Bernardo de la Paz

This character is a self-described "Rational Anarchist" and takes for granted that all efforts are less than perfect.

Juan Alvarez

This character is the Security Chief of the disgruntled Luna Authority Militia.

Mimi (Mum) Davis

This character is exiled to the moon for a violent crime and later repents of "violence and loose living."

Greg Davis

This character is the pastor of Pillar of Fire Repentance Tabernacle in West-Three Community Hall.

Mortimer (Morth the Wart) Hobart


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