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London - When Crabbe meets the Stricklands, they are living here, in a nice apartment.

Paris - Charles Strickland goes here to study painting and stays there for six years.

Rome - Crabbe meets Dirk Stroeve here, where Dirk paints Italian peasants against the beautiful scenery.

Tahiti - Strickland settles here when he can finally get a ship to take him there.

Papeete - This is a small village where Strickland meets Ata. It is the nearest village to Ata's house.

Ata's Hut - Ata and Strickland live here in the jungle, along with several others.

Marseilles - After leaving Paris, Strickland goes here for a while.

The Louvre - Crabbe can often find Dirk in here, wandering among the beautiful paintings he loves.

Strickland's Studio - Strickland lives here in Paris. It is a disgusting, filthy attic room that contains nothing but a small bed, an...

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