The Moon and Sixpence Character Descriptions

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Charles Strickland

Whenever he is ridiculed for his unorthodox actions, he expresses surprise that anyone would think he would care. He does not mind living in poverty, and when he finally is surrounded by the island paradise he has longed for, he can settle down and paint from his heart.

George Crabbe

He acts in a way to show that he pays tribute to the rules of society, but his desires show a dark side. He can never resist joining the crowd in laughing at Dirk, even during tragedy.

Mrs. Strickland

Years later, she pretends that things were always good between her and her estranged husband, and she imagines that she can appreciate his art.

Dirk Stroeve

He is a hack painter, painting sentimental scenes of peasants frolicking.

Blanche Stroeve

She leaves her husband for another painter and after he no longer needs her for a model, she...

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