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Chapters 1-6

• The author states that when he first met Charles Strickland there seemed to be nothing special about him.

• Crabbe looks back at his early days as a writer in London. He used to frequent bars where other writer hung out and it was here he met Rose Waterford.
• Crabbe is attending one of Rose's parties when he meets Mrs. Strickland. The author describes her as a dinner host who likes meet writers. Crabbe tells her he would like to meet her husband.

• Mrs. Strickland invites Crabbe to one of her dinner parties. She warns him that the party will be dull, but maybe they could chat by themselves.
• At the party, Crabbe meets Charles Strickland. He says there is nothing extraordinary about him and one could describe him as dull. Mrs. Strickland agrees with his description, but says she is rather fond of him.

Chapters 7-12

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