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Robert Crais
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is killed by being tortured and burned to death?
(a) Rice.
(b) Poitras.
(c) Kimberly.
(d) Cleon.

2. Whose house does Elvis break into, and the the owners come back while he's still there?
(a) Kimberly and Larry's.
(b) Poitras's.
(c) Rice's.
(d) Dom's.

3. Elvis and Pike see men move Perry from Dom's guesthouse to ______________.
(a) The limo.
(b) The main house.
(c) A helicopter.
(d) A car.

4. Who makes dinner for the Elvis, Ellen, and Pike?
(a) Pike.
(b) Poitras.
(c) Janet.
(d) Ellen.

5. Where does Ellen have Janet tell her daughters she is for a few days?
(a) San Diego.
(b) San Francisco.
(c) Nappa Valley.
(d) Las Angeles.

6. Who clearly dislikes Poitras?
(a) Pike.
(b) Janet.
(c) Ellen.
(d) O'Brannon.

7. What does Pike own in addition to part of the detective agency?
(a) A flower shop.
(b) A gun shop.
(c) A bar.
(d) A restaurant.

8. What drugs does Pike return with to help sedate Ellen?
(a) Dalmane.
(b) Valium and dalmane.
(c) Dalmane and xanax.
(d) Xanax and valium.

9. Whom does Elvis phone to get information on Rice?
(a) O'Brannon.
(b) Pike.
(c) Poitras.
(d) Patricia Kyle.

10. What does Elvis find in the home he breaks into?
(a) A dead person.
(b) Unsavory items.
(c) Drugs.
(d) A gun.

11. Who is not with Dom's men?
(a) Mort.
(b) Perry.
(c) Dom.
(d) Ellen.

12. Whom does Elvis call to inform that his house is being watched?
(a) Poitras.
(b) Pike.
(c) O'Brannon.
(d) Ellen.

13. Why does the person who calls Elvis's home demand to speak to Ellen?
(a) They don't demand to talk to Ellen.
(b) So she can get scared.
(c) So she can hear Perry.
(d) So she can make a deal.

14. Where does Elvis kick the person sneaking up on him that incapacitates the person?
(a) The face.
(b) The groin.
(c) The knee.
(d) The shin.

15. With what do Elvis and Pike bind the man they captured?
(a) Rope.
(b) Metal chain.
(c) Handcuffs.
(d) Duct tape.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Mafia use Dom?

2. Whom does Elvis call at the end of Chapter 19 before he leaves his apartment?

3. What is on Rice's house door?

4. What does Elvis tell Ellen about the case?

5. Why are the people at the deli not pleased with Elvis?

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