The Monkey's Raincoat Test | Mid-Book Test - Easy

Robert Crais
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Elvis go to in Chapter 17 to think over the case?
(a) A restaurant.
(b) A park.
(c) A bar.
(d) His office.

2. Why is Elvis named Elvis?
(a) His mom saw Elvis Presley perform.
(b) Elvis was his mom's maiden name.
(c) His mom love rock and roll.
(d) His dad's given name was Elvis.

3. Who are Carrie and Cindy?
(a) Ellen's sisters.
(b) Ellen's coworkers.
(c) Ellen's neighbors.
(d) Ellen's daughters.

4. Where are Ellen and her girls going to stay after the break-in?
(a) Mort's mother's.
(b) Ellen's mother's.
(c) Janet's.
(d) Elvis's.

5. How many months of bills does Elvis need of the Lang's?
(a) One month.
(b) Three months.
(c) Two months.
(d) At least six months.

6. What does Elvis order from the deli?
(a) A corned beef sandwish with hot mustard.
(b) A ham and cheese sandwich.
(c) A salad.
(d) A club sandwich.

7. What does Janet insist Ellen do in Chapter 4?
(a) Let the police handle everything.
(b) Talk to the police.
(c) Call the police.
(d) Tell the police.

8. What is the ethnicity of the biggest man Elvis has ever seen?
(a) He's Norweigian.
(b) He's Mexican.
(c) He's an Eskimo.
(d) He's Spanish.

9. On what day did Mort and Perry never come home?
(a) Thursday.
(b) Friday.
(c) Saturday.
(d) Sunday.

10. Elvis will work Ellen's case for ______________.
(a) $500.
(b) $2,000.
(c) $440.
(d) $1,000.

11. Who tells Elvis that Ellen is missing?
(a) O'Brannon.
(b) Pike.
(c) Janet.
(d) Poitras.

12. What is Ellen's older daughter's name?
(a) Cady.
(b) Candy.
(c) Katie.
(d) Cindy.

13. Whose office is above Elvis's?
(a) Clarence Wee's.
(b) Charlie Woo's.
(c) Clarence Wu's.
(d) Charlie Wu's.

14. In Chapter 6, what does Elvis do before he makes breakfast?
(a) Karate.
(b) Yoga.
(c) His daily yoga and martial arts.
(d) Ballet.

15. How is Janet first described?
(a) Extravagant.
(b) Voluptuous.
(c) Rude.
(d) Nosy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Elvis at Ellen's home in Chapter 7?

2. What information does Elvis get from Pike about the Chevy Nova?

3. Who is at Elvis's house the morning he wakes up after interrogating Kimberly and her boyfriend?

4. What happens while Elvis and Janet wait on Ellen?

5. What is Ellen's younger daughter's name?

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