The Monkey's Raincoat Short Essay - Answer Key

Robert Crais
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1. Who is Elvis?

Elvis is a detective in Los Angeles. He is a Vietnam veteran who is hired by Ellen Lang to find her missing husband and son.

2. Describe Janet.

Janet is Ellen's best friend. She is described as voluptuous and rather domineering over Ellen.

3. Why does Ellen go to Elvis for help?

Ellen goes to Elvis in hopes that he can help her find her missing husband and son. She is prompted by her friend Janet and, ultimately, chooses to hire Elvis for help.

4. What does Elvis realize at Kimberly Marsh's apartment?

Elvis sees that Kimberly's apartment is being watched by two Hispanic men. He finds her suitcase and toothbrush gone as well as nude photos of her and Mort, Ellen's husband. She is Mort's girlfriend.

5. Who is Garrett?

Garrett is a producer at Burbank Studios. He tries to brush off Elvis's questions about Mort and eventually Elvis finds out the last time Garrett saw Mort was at a party. He was with his girlfriend.

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