Objects & Places from The Monkey's Raincoat

Robert Crais
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Elvis Cole's Office

The protagonist conducts business at this location, which has also been decorated with Disney memorabilia.

Elvis Cole's Home

This location exists in the Hollywood Hills and has a balcony that has a lovely view of the hills.

Jiminy Cricket Figurines

These items are a symbol of Elvis's love of childhood.

Pike's Office

This location exists at the detective agency and is completely empty without any furniture or items.

Pinocchio Clock

This item is not only purposeful, but it is also a reminder to Elvis of his love of childhood.

Duran's Estate

This location is very expensive and sits in the Los Feliz hills.

Griffith Park

Elvis arranges to exchange Dom's cocaine at this location.

Mort's Gun

This item never turns up, but the police have a theory on how and why it was used.

The Aquarium

This item is in the house in Universal City...

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