The Monkey's Raincoat Character Descriptions

Robert Crais
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Elvis Cole

The protagonist of the story is a detective who served in the military during the Vietnam War.

Ellen Lang

This person hires a detective to investigate the disappearance of her husband and her son.

Joe Pike

This individual owns a gun shop and also works as a mercenary in third-world countries.

Domingo Garcia Duran

This person is an ex-bullfighter from Mexico.

Janet Simon

The protagonist finds this person extremely attractive, and as a result sleeps with her.

Mort Lang

This individual died trying to rescue his son.

Lou Poitras

This person is a detective who works for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Luca, the Eskimo

This individual is extremely large, calm, and deadly, but at the end of the book is defeated in a fight.

Perry Lang

This person is rescued by the book's protagonist at the end of the novel.

Carrie Lang

This individual copes...

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