The Monkey's Raincoat Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Robert Crais
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Chapters 1-3

• Chapters 1-3

• "The Monkey's Raincoat" is a genre novel in that it is a hard boiled detective story.

• Elvis is a detective in L.A. and is hired by Ellen Lang to find Mort, her missing husband, and Perry, her son.

• Janet Simon is Ellen's good friend who is a bit pushy towards Ellen when it comes to making decisions.
• Elvis is hired by Ellen for $2,000.

• On the day Ellen meets Elvis, he asks her why Mort would not have taken their two daughters with him, for which Ellen has no answer.

• Elvis then goes to search Mort's girlfriend's house.

• Elvis then calls his partner Joe Pikes at his gun shop and lets him know they have a client.
• Elvis finds that Kimberly's toothbrush and suitcase are missing from her house and that two Hispanic men are watching her home, too.

• He finds nude photos of...

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