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• Abbey was raised in the Appalachian Mountains.

• In 1944 and at the age of 17, he hitchhiked from Pennsylvania to Seattle. On his way he saw the damage large industries were doing to the environment.
• On his return from WWII, Abbey enrolled at the university of New Mexico to study philosophy.

• After university, Abbey became a vocal environmental campaigner. His views and books such as THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG caught the attention of grassroots environmentalist and eventually the FBI.

• Critics have accused Abbey of encouraging eco terroism, but he has always insisted his novels were merely meant to enlighten people on environmental issues.

Prologue: The Aftermath

• Several hundred people attend the opening of a bridge on the Glen Canyon.

• The author describes how the building of the Glen Canyon Dam has turned the Colorado River into a tame glacier.
• When officials cut the ribbon to opn the bridge, the...

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