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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gould says the manner in which ___________ are formulated is also problematic to studies.
(a) study conditions
(b) scientific questions
(c) formulas
(d) data sets

2. Gould does not believe that ____________ change reflects changes in social concepts.
(a) biological
(b) cultural
(c) racial
(d) scientific

3. What was the most famous work of the man in #59?
(a) Crania Astounda
(b) Crania Inca
(c) Crania Americana
(d) Crania

4. The answer to #48 said that humans were distinguished from _________ by the human's ability to improve himself.
(a) animals
(b) savages
(c) blacks
(d) slaves

5. What kind of disease can cause the brain to diminish in size before death?
(a) Heart
(b) Flu
(c) Sudden
(d) Degenerative

Short Answer Questions

1. Which view was based on the idea that inferior races can not be linked to the whites because they started from a separate group of DNA and people?

2. People with ______ had smaller brain sizes than those who were suddenly killed in accidents.

3. Which race was ranked last in the eyes of the practitioners of racial ranking?

4. Flaws in the experimental design, according to Gould, do not lead to _________ in the numbers.

5. Gould wants to reexamine the existing __________ for craniometry and intelligence testing.

Short Essay Questions

1. Define the idea of polygenism.

2. What did Gould find to be the main problem with Paul Broca's work?

3. What does Gould logically assume to be true in relation to the contents of the brain?

4. What is Socrates' idea as to how classes and categories will be formed in relation to people in a society?

5. Describe and define the idea of biological determinism.

6. What did Blumenbach believe the anatomical structure differences between blacks and whites were the result of?

7. What does Gould have to say about science in relation to the facts it collects?

8. What were the results of Bean's work, as he found the differences between the races and the genders?

9. What does Gunnar Myrdal have to say about the situation of ranking people in society?

10. Who was Francis Galton and what did he do for the scientific study of intelligence measurement?

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