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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gould wants to reexamine the existing __________ for craniometry and intelligence testing.
(a) scientific researchers
(b) logic
(c) sciences
(d) data sets

2. Who was the skull collector that had more than one thousand different skulls?
(a) Stephen Gould
(b) Louis
(c) Benjamin Franklin
(d) Samuel Morton

3. "We now encounter the second ____________ - ranking..."
(a) fallacy
(b) opinion
(c) argument
(d) piece

4. Experts claimed it was no good to __________ blacks.
(a) educate
(b) understand
(c) study
(d) listen to

5. Broca's numbers were based on his ______________, according to Gould.
(a) observations
(b) family
(c) research
(d) mathematics

Short Answer Questions

1. "For the past two centuries, scientific claims have become the primary agent for validating Plato's ________."

2. Louis Pierre Gratiolet wanted to prove that __________ brains were bigger than __________ brains.

3. Which race was ranked last in the eyes of the practitioners of racial ranking?

4. Motor functions are performed at the _________ of the brain.

5. In America, the theory of polygeny was supported by Louis __________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Serres, in relation to the polygenism movement? What did he study and find to be true?

2. Who are two of the famous figures from history who are noted as believing in the inferiority of the blacks?

3. What were the results of Bean's work, as he found the differences between the races and the genders?

4. What are the two views that resulted in the study of racial inferiority?

5. What does Gunnar Myrdal have to say about the situation of ranking people in society?

6. What is Socrates' idea as to how classes and categories will be formed in relation to people in a society?

7. If given the races of Indian, Black, and White, how would these be ranked, according to the early craniometry methods?

8. What does Gould want to define ranking as?

9. What were some of the additional factors Gratiolet studied in order to determine the effect of brain size?

10. What is the special designation that craniometry holds in relation to the study of ranking and intelligence?

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