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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. the general consensus about the foreman is that he is what type of man?
(a) Awful
(b) Friendly
(c) Quiet
(d) Understanding

2. The children begin to rationalize that, even though their work is hard, it is much better than having to do what?
(a) Live with Mr. Poe
(b) Travel on the train
(c) Go to school
(d) Fend off evil plots

3. What is Phil's attitude toward Klaus' strange disappearance and behavior upon returning?
(a) Slightly concerned
(b) Pessimistic
(c) Confused
(d) Optimistic

4. Why doesn't Charles hear the children protesting Klaus leaving?
(a) The Foreman is yelling over the sound of the children
(b) The mill machinery is too loud
(c) There is a loud crash outside the mill
(d) The telephone rings

5. The children try to prevent Klaus being taken to what?
(a) A lake
(b) A building
(c) A park
(d) A mountain

Short Answer Questions

1. How long ago did the previous foreman quit?

2. The foreman wears a mask that obscures all of his face except for what?

3. Who is escorting the children, as the book opens?

4. Mr. Poe works where?

5. Who tries to comfort the girls, while they wait for Klaus?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do you think about the girls staring at the drawing of a window, while waiting for Klaus?

2. What does the mention of the gum in chapter 3 help to explain from earlier in the story?

3. Describe how one of the children uses their own natural talent on the first day of work.

4. Describe the reception the children receive when they first get to the lumbermill.

5. What opinion do the children have about Count Olaf, in chapter 5, and do you agree with it?

6. Describe the first day of work for the children.

7. What would you do if you were one of the children and were left alone in Paltryville by Mr. Poe?

8. What is the food situation like at the mill? What does it mean to the children and the other workers?

9. Describe the town of Paltryville.

10. Explain the significance of the building shaped like an eye.

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