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Futile Forest

The Baudelaire children see this place through their train windows, as they travel to Paltryville. The trees in this place are very strange and do not have any leaves. Instead, they look like pipes sticking up in the air.


This place is a small, cheerless town that is home to a post office, the Lucky Smells Lumbermill and Dr. Orwell's office. Not much else is mentioned about the town, other than, instead of trees, they have stacks of newspapers lining the streets.

Paltryville Post Office

This place is located across the street from the Lucky Smells Lumbermill. Instead of a flag, there is an old shoe hanging from the flagpole at this place.

The Lucky Smells Lumbermill

This place is the location for much of the story. This place is owned by Sir, who is partners with Charles in the venture.

Dr. Orwell's Office


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