The Miserable Mill Character Descriptions

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Violet Baudelaire

This person is fourteen years old and extremely bright. This person's genius lies in their ability to invent things and they spend a great deal of their time coming up with new inventions.

Klaus Baudelaire

This person is twelve years old and exceptionally bright. This person is a reader and has read a great many books for a twelve year old. This person's idiosyncrasy is their ability to research problems thoroughly and pour through complicated books with ease.

Sunny Baudelaire

This person an infant. They are compared several times to small objects, such as shoes and salamis. Unlike many infants however, this person has four teeth that are very well developed and quite sharp. This persons talents with their teeth are very useful at various times throughout the story.

Mr. Poe

This person is the banker who is charge of finding the children a proper home...

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