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Chapter 1

• Mr. Poe and the Baudelaires, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, are on their way to the children's new guardian.

• They are traveling by train to a small town called Paltryville. Paltryville is a good name for this town, since it contains no attractions and nothing of interest.

• Violet is trying to concentrate on inventing a device that will allow someone to climb even the tallest tree and her hair is pulled back with a ribbon to help her think.

• Klaus watches the floor of the forest as the train passes by, wondering what kind of moss can be found in there.

• Sunny is opening and closing her mouth, thinking of things that she may be able to bite when they arrive.
• The Finite Forest is gloomy, but Mr. Poe does not share this opinion.

• Mr. Poe has recently been promoted to Vice President in Charge of Coins at...

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