The Mirror Short Essay - Answer Key

Marlys Millhiser
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1. Who are the main characters of the novel, and what is their connection to one another?

"The Mirror" is the story of two women; Shay Garrett and Brandy McCabe. They are granddaughter and grandmother. They switch bodies and lives via a mysterious and dangerous mirror known as the wedding mirror.

2. What does the reader learn of the history of the mirror in Backward?

Backward gives information on the wedding mirror--its disturbing history of being involved in suicides, madness, and unexplained electrical storms. The mirror came into the possession of the McCabe family when John McCabe purchased it as a wedding gift for his daughter Brandy and brought it to Boulder, Colorado.

3. Who is Grandma Bran, and how does she react when she sees the mirror in Part I Chapter 1?

Grandma Bran is Shay's grandmother. She is an invalid. When Rachael gives Shay an old family relic, the wedding mirror, as a gift for her upcoming nuptials, the previously comatose Grandma Bran utters the word "mirror" and clutches Shay's hand.

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