Objects & Places from The Mirror

Marlys Millhiser
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The Wedding Mirror

This object is responsible for switching the bodies of Brandy and Shay.

The Gingerbread House

This is the dwelling place of both Brandy and Shay, and also the place Rachael loves most in the world.

Thora K's Cornwall Buffet

This object was brought by Thora K from her hometown.

Corbin Strock's Cabin

This place is where Shay is taken to live after her first marriage.

Boulder, Colorado

This is the town around which the events of the novel take place.

Marek's Apartment

This is where Brandy's Christmas surprise takes place.

Mr. St. John's Farm

This is where Brandy takes shelter after her flight from the Gingerbread House.

Brandy Wine

This is the mine, formerly John McCabe's, that eventually belongs to Corbin Strock.


Much of the activity of the mirror takes place during this type of weather pattern.


This is the place where Corbin's...

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