The Mirror Character Descriptions

Marlys Millhiser
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Shay Garrett

This character is one of two protagonists. She travels back in time, and gives birth to her own mother.

Brandy McCabe

This character is one of two protagonists. She travels forward in time, and attends her own funeral.

Rachael Maddon Garrett

This character is raised by her daughter.

Jerry Garrett

This character is the grandson of the town prostitute.

Corbin Strock

This character is a miner who dies two years into his marriage.

Thora K.

This character is from Cornwall and is the original owner of the buffet.

Marek Weir

This character is a successful professional storm analyzer.

Hutchinson Maddon

This character builds a ranch and presents it to one of the protagonists as incentive to marry him.

Sophie McCabe

This character is the mother of the protagonist who originally lived in the early 20th century.

John McCabe

This character forces one of the protagonists to...

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