The Mirror Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marlys Millhiser
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Part One, Backward, Chapters 1-5

• The mirror is described as a disturbing and dangerous object.

• Shay's family is introduced.

• Shay is getting married and is given the mirror as a wedding gift.

• Grandma Bran speaks after twenty years of silence.

• Shay and Brandy switch bodies.

• Shay marries Corbin

Part One, Chapters 6-10

• Shay sees a man who was in her grandfather's wedding photo.

• Shay tries to explain her situation to Corbin. He is worried and confused by her.

• Thora K is introduced.

• Shay has a vision of herself at her grandmother's funeral.

• Shay struggles with the chores she is responsible for.

Part One, Chapters 11-14

• Shay meets May Bell.

• Corbin tells Shay to stay away from Hutch.

• Shay learns about Thora K's past.

• John McCabe dies because of the mirror.

• Shay decides to write everything down in a diary.

Part One, Chapters 15-18

• The Maddons leave town.

• Shay...

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