Objects & Places from The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

Arundhati Roy
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The “Flyover Story”

This narrative related by Anjun to Zainab as a bedtime tale symbolizes the need for stories to be edited for their audiences.

The Dargah of Hazrat Sharmad

This setting in the novel serves as a symbol of religious moderation and tolerance. It is attended by both Muslims and Hindus in Delhi.

The Sound and Light Show

This event at the Red Fort symbolizes India's glorious past and its empire.

The Court Eunuch’s Giggle

This incident in the midst of a larger event reflects the difficulty of erasing the histories of marginalized peoples.

Red Stag Whisky

This gift offered to Musa from Amrik Singh represents corruption and coercion in the Indian government.

Fashion Magazines

These items represent Nimmo's emotional connection with and material alienation from the feminine world.

Musa’s “Recoveries”

These items include several passports, identifications, credit cards, etc. that represent the life of...

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