Objects & Places from The Miniaturist

Jessie Burton
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Peebo the Parakeet

This object represents Nella’s childhood and the gradual loss of innocence that occurs after she comes to Amsterdam. She brings it with her to her new home when she moves into the Brandt household. Eventually, this object disappears out of an open window and is lost. This transformation directly parallels Nella’s discovery of the secrets of the Brandt household, and her discovery of Johannes’s homosexuality directly coincides with the disappearance of this object.


These objects symbolize Nella's overwhelming feelings and sense of discomfort upon first arriving in Amsterdam. Though these objects had supposedly been made with Nella in mind, they are far too large and in addition to making Nella feel awkward and uncomfortable, represent just how out of her element Nella is in her new urban surroundings.

Cabinet House

This object is a symbol of Nella’s individual growth as...

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