The Miniaturist Fun Activities

Jessie Burton
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Create a Timeline

Create a large timeline of the events covered within the novel, from Marin's youth, to Nella's arrival, through the last events of the narrative.

Pitch a Movie Idea

Write a one-page ‘pitch’ to a producer explaining why the story of The Miniaturist would make a great movie and would resonate with contemporary audiences. Reference particular scenes in your pitch and explain how you see each one being created for the screen.

Choose an Image

Find a painting or photograph that demonstrates a theme or tone from the novel The Miniaturist. Share your chosen art piece with the class and explain the connections you see to the themes within the novel.

Research Societal Views of Homosexuality in Seventeenth Century Holland

Look within the text to find examples of societal views toward homosexuality in action. Then conduct an online investigation into the subject of homosexuality in seventeenth-century...

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