The Miniaturist Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Jessie Burton
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• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Burton, Jessie. The Miniaturist. 2014. Harper Collins, E-book.

• The Miniaturist is a novel told in third-person present tense.

• It begins with a prologue entitled The Old Church, Amsterdam, Tuesday, January 14th, 1687.

• In the prologue, someone has died and a funeral is being held.

• Though the deceased “had no friends” (1), many have come to the church solely to observe.

• An unnamed “she” watches the burial from a hidden spot, and keeps her gaze fixed on an unnamed “girl.”

• Once the funeral is over, the woman emerges from her hiding spot and places a “miniature house small enough to sit in the palm” (3) atop the burial site.

• The novel then begins “Part One: Mid-October 1686, The Hengracht canal, Amsterdam” (5).

• This is several months before the prologue.

• The first chapter of Part One “Outside In,” begins with 18-year-old...

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