The Midwife's Apprentice Character Descriptions

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Brat, Beetle, Alyce

This character is discovered sleeping in a dung heap and is the novel's protagonist.

Jane Sharp

This character is a midwife.

Magister Reese

This character is a scholar who teaches the protagonist to read.

Will Russet

This character owns a cow named Tansy.

John Dark

This character is nearly blind.

Jennet Dark

This character runs the inn and offers the protagonist money to work there.


This character finds a position working at the manor house.


This character is the parent who named a child after the protagonist.


This character is thrown into the river in a sack.

The Merchant

This character gives the protagonist a comb.

The Miller's Wife

This character requires help from the protagonist, but the protagonist is unable to do anything.

Traveling Woman

This character is thought to be unable to have children.

Traveling Man

This character thinks his...

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