The Midwife's Apprentice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter One, The Dung Heap

• A homeless girl named Brat sleeps at a dung heap in order to keep warm.

• Brat has no memory of her past. All she remembers is the life she now lives, going from village to village looking for work and food.

• Boys from the village taunt Brat, and a woman stops them and sends them away.

• Brat asks for food, telling the woman she will work for it. She does chores all day for some table scraps.

• The woman calls Brat "Beetle" and allows her to stay and work for food.

Chapter Two, The Cat

• Beetle watches a stray cat. She sometimes gives the cat bits of food.

• Beetle discovers the village boys torturing the cat and sees them throw it into the river in a sack. Beetle pulls the sack from the water and finds the cat is barely alive.

• Beetle knows...

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