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Short Answer Questions

1. What change does St.-Germain want to make to the Midnight Club?

2. Where does Stef take Sarah after the massacre in Atlantic City?

3. Where does Stef wait for the hit men in the apartment?

4. What is the name of Sarah's new book?

5. Which of the following terms best describes the activities going on in Atlantic City of which Stef is a party to?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who shares the shift watches of St.-Germain?

2. Why is Parker unsure about the hit?

3. How is Stef feeling and when was another time that he felt this same way?

4. Why do the other members of the Midnight club call a meeting without St. Germain present?

5. What happens when Parker goes to the local diner in the middle of the night?

6. What does Nicky say about his conviction and how does he react to Sarah's questions?

7. What does Sarah have to do to have Sam released and how does she find out about this?

8. What precautions is Parker taking to ensure his safety?

9. How is Sarah feeling after Stef is put in the hospital?

10. How does Parker kill St.-Germain?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which character do you believe grew the most throughout the novel? Why do you think s/he grew? Use information from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the novel, there was a great deal of harassment. Do you think this technique was used effectively? Why or why not? What alternate strategies would you suggest?

Essay Topic 3

Why do you believe Sam was returned unharmed? Do you believe criminals have standards or lines they will not cross? Why or why not?

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