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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Stef right after he shoots the third hit man?
(a) He dies.
(b) He passes out.
(c) He is hit by a car.
(d) He falls out of his wheelchair.

2. How does St.-Germain feel about the change to the Midnight Club?
(a) He is ashamed.
(b) He is rejuvenated.
(c) He is excited.
(d) He is nervous.

3. What is Parker looking for in his investigation?
(a) Possible escapes.
(b) Details on all the members.
(c) People he knows.
(d) Vulnerabilities.

4. Why is the Midnight Club meeting at the spa in Beverly Hills?
(a) They want to know how to deal with the police.
(b) They need to understand what the rules are.
(c) St.-Germain is ruining the club's respectability.
(d) They are hiding from the police.

5. What does Stef hear on the tape of Nicky Wilson?
(a) Mention of Bear.
(b) Mention of rogue cops.
(c) Mention of Allure.
(d) Mention of the Midnight Club.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Sarah told to take the materials she has gathered for her book?

2. Who does Stef meet up with in Atlantic City?

3. What does St.-Germain seem to crave?

4. What does Stef neglect to tell Sarah before he leaves the apartment to chase the third hit man?

5. How does Parker get St.-Germain in the elevator?

Short Essay Questions

1. What precautions is Parker taking to ensure his safety?

2. What does Sarah have to do to have Sam released and how does she find out about this?

3. What does St.-Germain do after he receives the update on the events from Burke?

4. What is Parker told about St.-Germain from the chauffeur?

5. What does St.-Germain order the killers to do in regards to Stef?

6. What story does Parker tell Stef to explain his actions?

7. Who does Steff accompany to the harbor and why do they go there?

8. What happens in the relationship between Sarah and Stef?

9. Who makes up the members of the Midnight Club?

10. How is Stef feeling and when was another time that he felt this same way?

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